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Custom Aircraft Interiors is Repair Station EF3R473L
Our Mission
The potential for new business in the helicopter industry is
unlimited. Many of the popular plastic parts are being replaced by
the more durable composites. Some of our newer items are the
composite "D" interior panels, and the O-H6 (PMA Pending).

Our company has the prototype and design capabilities to develop
new parts, mold making for plastic formed parts, pattern making for
custom and production seat covers and interior components for
private and commercial helicopters.

Custom Aircraft Interiors, Inc. deals with domestic as well as
international customers
and can usually ship an item, if not on
the shelf, no later than 10 working days.

Helicopter interiors are our business.  

Whether you have a refurb, or need prototypes for a new interior,
we are the company for you.  We have patterns and tooling for all
interior items: carpets, upholstered seats, mesh covers, and
interior panels for all MD Helicopter 500 series models, "C", "D",
"E", "F", "FF", "N" & 600.

We specialize in several other models as well, including: OEM to
Schweizer/Sikorsky 269, 330, and CB helicopters, the A-Star,
Enstrom and Limited Bell. We also have tooling for MDHC 500 &
600N series seat frames.

All items have PMA approvals, including for Argentina, Brazil,
Japan & Germany.  Please take a moment to browse our catalog,
and please feel free to contact us for further information.

3701 Industry Avenue • Lakewood, CA 90712 • Tel. 562-426-5098 • Fax 562-490-0213

Custom Aircraft Interiors- Your one stop shop for all your helicopter & aircraft interior design and manufacturing needs - made to spec!

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